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Homework in KS2 : A Guide for Parents

October 2015

This guidance aims to clarify our approach and expectations for home learning across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

We set homework for pupils to give them an opportunity to practice the skills, which they have learnt in school. Homework is not for teaching new skills and we aim to only set learning which the children can do independently. We are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of homework and we welcome feedback. As children progress through KS2, we are also preparing them for the expectations at secondary school. They need to learn organisational skills and return their homework on time.

All children will be given a homework folder, which will contain an exercise book and their maths book. The exercise book can be used for any written homework.

Homework is set on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Homework in English

  • Each week, children will be given 10 new words to learn the spelling of. These will be taken directly from the National Curriculum for your child’s year-group, unless there are spellings from previous years, which they still need to learn. As an extra challenge, children will be encouraged to apply these spellings into sentences.
  • We expect all children to read at home every day. This can be independent but reading aloud and reading with an adult is just as important in developing our pupils as confident readers, who enjoy reading.  All children will have a book from school to take home and read. This should be changed as needed and tracked in their reading record. Your child’s reading record is checked by their teacher once a week.

From next half-term, each class will have a Class Reader. They will each have a copy of the same book, which they will read as a class, as well as take home to read independently.

Homework in Maths

  • Each child has a maths workbook, which they are expected to work through for 20-30 minutes per week (this is recommended to be done in 2 or 3 sets of 10 minutes). The books rehearse skills they have already learnt and aims to ensure all their basic skills are secure.
  • We subscribe to a website called MyMaths, which allows us to set tasks at a level appropriate for individual children. For this term, these will focus on securing their learning from the previous year-group/ relate to their learning in maths that week. Each child will have 3 new tasks set each week. They have individual logins and can access further tasks or games as frequently as they wish to.
  • Times tables practice should be daily until they know the correct ones for their year-group. This can be done through quick questions on the way into school – they need repetition! There are lots of games to help learn times tables on MyMaths, which the children will be familiar with from their lessons.

Times table expectations:

Year 2: 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Year 3: 3, 4 and 8 times tables

Year 4: 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables

By Year 5 and 6, they should have learnt all their times tables and should focus on increasing their speed of recall (ideally within 3 seconds and without using their fingers!)

During lunchtime each Wednesday, there is a MyMaths club for anyone who wants to do their homework in school or who struggles to access the website.

Homework in Project

Project homework will be set each half-term and linked to their topic. This homework task will provide opportunities for creativity and will involve some choices to suit your child’s interests. Your child will be expected to complete some of this each week but they will build towards a final outcome, which will then be celebrated at the end of each term with parents/ other classes invited.

Your child’s teacher will keep a record of who returns homework on time. Where possible, homework will be marked alongside the children in class. There is no expectation that homework is marked by the teacher but it is always acknowledged. MyMaths gives instant feedback so children know how successful they have been. The results are also sent to their class teacher.

What are the consequences for not completing homework?

In Years 3 & 4, if a child fails to return homework 3 times or more, then a phone call home will be made.

In Years 5 & 6, anyone who has not done their homework will have to do this during their lunch break on a Thursday (this will start from the second week after half-term)

We hope that this document has been informative. Please ask if you would like any further information or advice in supporting your child with their homework.


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