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How To Become A Volunteer

There are several ways in which you can get involved in helping the school.

Reading Volunteers

We believe that our team of committed reading volunteers have a real impact both on children’s reading skills and their levels of confidence. The reading volunteers meet with the same child each week, building up a positive relationship with that child and in many cases, acting as a role model.

We recruit our reading volunteers from the local community (parents, business people, retired people and students). Their role is to assist with pupils' reading on a one-to-one basis, outside of the usual classroom environment. Volunteers usually undergo a short period of training before committing to spending a set amount of time per week (usually an hour) with a child, for at least a term. Volunteers are not expected to take the place of a teacher but are there to give one-to-one encouragement to children, helping them to relax, gain confidence and enjoy their reading. Volunteers from business can also function as role models to children who are unfamiliar with the world of work.

At the moment, we have one reading volunteer per class but are always seeking to encourage more parents and family members to become involved, as well as looking for ways to encourage local businesses to support the scheme through allowing members of their staff to become involved.

We have a target of recruiting at least two reading volunteers per class.

If you would like to become a reading volunteer, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Other Volunteers

There are many other ways in which you can help the school, including:

  • Helping with various clubs (sports, arts, other)
  • Helping in the school library
  • Helping in the school grounds
  • PTA
  • Cooking
  • Fundraising

If you are interested in offering some voluntary support, please complete the form

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