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Gallions Primary School

Resource Provision

Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Resource Provision At Gallions

At Gallions Primary School we have 14 allocated places for children with ASC. Pupils within the resource provision follow the national curriculum, although it is highly differentiated to meet their needs. We track children’s progress using development journals; B squared the P scales and set targets for them based on their prior attainment.  These are linked to the support plan which is put in place in collaboration with the child, parents/carers, 1.1 designated support staff, class teacher, Resource lead and any other external agencies involved. All pupils attend their class for registration and other activities as planned throughout the day.  To further support the children’s sensory and emotional regulation needs, children have access to the physical interaction area, sensory room, calm room and life/multi skills room. Learning is further adapted to support both verbal and non-verbal children by the use of visual aids, intensive interaction sessions, assistive technology and the use of sign along. 


If you would like further information about the resources at Gallions, please speak to a member of staff. If you would like further information about Autism or Asperger Syndrome please visit the National Autistic Society website.

Gallions Primary School
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